Springhouse Estates Balcony & Porte-Cochere Renovation

The Springhouse Estates Balcony and Porte-Cochere renovation project was a complete renovation package of (12) balconies, (3) corridor entrances,  (2) 2nd floor breezeways, Porte-Cochere and the construction of a new, Covered Porch area. The project also included a complete landscape, sod, drainage and irrigation package as well as an extensive tree removal and pruning program. The major components and aspects of the project scope included: framing, engineered wood trusses, EIFS system, Heavy Timber framing, Exterior PVC Trim, Interior wood trim and finishes, Cupola installation, HVAC units and systems, electrical lighting and systems.

Daily interaction and coordination with Springhouse Estates staff and security  was critical as there were daily construction traffic and deliveries that intermingled with daily resident and facility traffic. Site security was also a major consideration throughout the project as  it was widespread and caused major interruptions in daily resident traffic and activity both inside and outside the facility.