At Holz and Henry we strive to be efficient and to deliver the best value.

  • We take great pride in our excellent safety record which we help maintain with regular Safety Committee meetings and monthly, on-site meetings with all field personnel.

  • We are well versed in working in occupied environments. The safety of your guests, customers, residents and employees is our top priority.

  • Our safety director, foremen and supervisors are safety trained by the OSHA 30-hour and 10-hour courses and constantly monitor safety issues while on-site.

  • We ensure that all sub-contractors under Holz and Henry supervision follow and maintain the same, high, safety standards and guidelines our own personnel follow.

  • Our Company HASP (Health And Safety Procedures) manual is available for review upon request.
  • Pre-qualification of subcontractors and vendors to guarantee quality & delivery

  • Logistics plan to coordinate contractor parking, material and equipment deliveries

  • Regular communication with owner to advise of upcoming and ongoing tasks

  • Detailed schedule that also indicates owner and 3rd party critical dates & durations

  • User friendly monitoring tool (matrix) to track and flag progress

  • Stream lined accounting and contracting systems

  • Value engineering investigations to deliver best value