Gwynedd Estates Balcony & Porte-Cochere Renovation

The Gwynedd Estates Exterior Balcony & Porte-Cochere Renovation was a project that required constant attention to detail not only in the level of workmanship but also in regards to scheduling.  Weekly project meetings with the owner as well as weekly subcontractor progress meetings kept all parties attune to scheduling issues and design changes throughout the project.

The Balcony & Porte-Cochere renovations included the removal of existing finishes and ground level patios as well as the complete removal and reinstalation of the asphalt shingle roof. The addition of new balcony dormer roofs complete with PVC trim, porch coatings, stainless steel porch railings, and EIFS coatings completed the balcony construction. The Porte-Cochere portion of the project require the existing structure to be raised prior to the installation of a new exposed wood roof deck with exposed timber and steel joists. The addition of PVC trim, columns and stone piers completed the facade.