Brandywine Living at Dresher Estates

Dresher Estates is a full occupied, 26,000 sf facility owned and operated by Brandywine Living. Holz and Henry was contracted to complete a facility wide renovation that was broken into 4 phases over 8 months. Renovation owrk included: drywall partitions, ACT ceilings, custom millwork and cabinetry, natural and manmade countertops, food service equipment, vinyl and wood flooring, wallcoverings, painting, light fixtures and devices, plumbing fixtures, mechanical systems, sprinkler and fire alarm. All renovations were made in public areas that included all corridors and dining rooms, lounges, library, theater, salons, and laundry areas. Extensive renovations were also made in the memory care wing, kitchens and dining areas that included a new parlor, restroom and nurse support areas.

Also included in the general building area was the installation of a new elevator into an existing elevator shaft which had been vacant since initial construction.

In addition, 12 resident apartments were renovated during the process with 9 more units awarded while on site.